Dear Colleagues and Friends,


On behalf of the European Federation for Immunogenetics and the Local Organizing Committee, it will be our great pleasure to welcome you to the 33rd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 8 to 11 May 2019.

We will have the privilege of receiving, for the first time, the prestigious scientific community of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility (I&H) in Portugal and the European Federation of Immunogenetics (EFI) and will then be able to welcome everyone as part of the “EFI family”.

“Functional Immunogenetics: the historical challenge is the motto for the 33rd EFI Conference that will be held in Lisbon, also known as the “City of the Seven Hills” or the “Queen of the Sea”.

This takes us back to the era of the great maritime discoveries in the XIV and XV centuries when the city was at the center of the Eastern and Western maritime trade, bustling with people from many different parts of the world.

We are confident that the meeting will reflect this dynamism and the expanded vision of new frontiers in the Immunogenetics World.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit Lisbon, a friendly and welcoming city, considered by some to be the first global village in the world. In Lisbon, you will find a perfect combination of tradition and vibrant modernity.

The Scientific Program is being carefully prepared in close collaboration with the EFI Committees, to meet the highest standards of EFI conferences and to create the necessary conditions for the sharing of science and, at the same time, allowing time for you to thoroughly enjoy your stay in Lisbon.

The conference will take place in the modern Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in one of the most emblematic areas of Lisbon – Belém – home to the famous pastry “Pastéis de Belém, with views over the Tejo River and distinctive monuments (Unesco World Heritage Sites) which recall the time of the “Portuguese Sea Discoveries”, a period of great challenges and achievements for the Portuguese people.

We will be delighted to welcome all participants to the 33rd EFI Conference “Functional Immunogenetics: the historical challenge”– Lisbon 2019, hoping that your active participation will create a unique and memorable conference.

Enjoy the meeting and Portugal!

Maria Rosário Sancho           António Martinho

Chair: António Martinho

  Maria do Rosário Sancho

  Dário Ligeiro

  Paula Xavier

  Sandra Tafulo

  Domingos Machado

  Susana Ramalhete