We believe that the 33rd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference will be a truly excellent opportunity to promote your company as well as to launch or sell your products and equipment.


Your presence will be a most valuable contribution to the success of the Conference allowing all participants to have a better perspective of present and future developments in this field.


We all look forward to seeing and working with you in Lisbon in May 2019.

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Industry Relations Management
Sofia Gomes da Silva
T: +351 213 155 135
E-mail: exhibition_EFI2019@mundiconvenius.pt


  1. ·  Conference floorplan

  2. ·  Venue 3D floorplan

  3. ·  Exhibition floorplan [updated on April 9, 2019]

  4. ·  Venue oficial manual for corporate technical presentations - Instructions and regulations

  5. ·  Venue technical floorplan - access from Level 1 to Level 2

  6.    Foyer Level 2 - exact measures

  7. ·  Access for unloading and loading  

  8.   Exhibitors Technical Manual 

All the stands with 3x3 and/or bigger must contact MERKUR in order to organize the delivery of materials, set-up and dismantling. 

Mr. Nuno Cunha
T: +351 2232 49 100
M: +351 919 792 039


  1. ·  Modular stand order form

  2. ·  Electrical services order form

  3. ·  Cleaning extra services order form

  4. ·  Furniture order form

  5. ·  Catering services order form